How Does the Fax less Payday Loan Work?

Jason wanted to see how the loan works so he could get a better idea of what he may be getting himself into. The loan is a short term. You are not allowed to borrow a considerable amount of money. The loan amount varies from $100 to $1000. The borrower should decide how much he or she needs. Not everyone will be approved for a loan in the higher denominations. If a person makes closer to the $800 that is required for the loan, he will probably be unable to borrow larger amounts of money. After the borrower chooses the loan amount, he should look on the website. He will find the loan fees for each of the loan amounts. With most fax less payday loans, the loan fees are usually close. If the amount borrowed is $100, the fee can be as low as $18 to $20. If the loan amount borrowed was as high as $1000, the bank fee could be between $180 and $200. The borrower will also have to choose on a length for the loan. Fax less payday loans are taken out for either 7 to 14 days or 14 to 21 days.

How Do I Get a Fax less Payday Loan?

Jason liked what he read about the fax less payday loan. He decided to apply for the loan. He read the instructions then began the application process. First, he filled out all of his personal information. He gave his name, address, phone number, social security number, and income source information. On the second page was his choices of the loan length and loan amount. When he finished, the faxing instructions appeared on the screen as well as a prompt to print the information. He printed it out and two pages came out. The first one was instructions and all of the information that he read on the website. The second page was a loan agreement that he had to sign and fax along with a copy of his most recent bank statement and a voided check. He signed the paper and faxed it over.

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